Local Tehachapi Party Rentals  J.v.j. Jumper's

                                             Weddings,   Baby shower,  Company picnic,  Birthday's,   Sport's,  Baby gender reveal, Back yard  BBQ,   Church events,

                                                                                   Pumpkin patch, Or  any event  you  have .. we also have indoor units... ask about them !!!!

 Bounce  Houses   are a great way to  Entertain  

The  kids At Your  Event

Basic and unique Bouncer's / obstacle's

we start our drops at 9 am and pick up through  7:00pm

we do not leave our units overnight "outdoors"

9am-3pm, 9:30am- 3:30pm, 10am-4pm, 

10:30am-4:30pm, 11am-5pm, 11:30am-5:30pm, 

12-6pm, 12:30pm-6:30pm, 1pm-7pm 

call for time availability 

we can set up at Cub Lake and 4 Island Lake in Bear Valley also ..

4 island needs generator no power at that location

we do clean

and sanitize

our rental units

Please no silly string, food, candy, water, or sharp objects inside bounce house no flips or dangerous maneuvers and no climbing nets or on top of bounce (can cause injure) and damage bounce house .... We need at least 2-3 foot around unit of any trees, large rocks, walls ,fence, or any objects that could injure a rider or damage the unit thank you for your understanding...the units need a flat as possible area for set up can be setup on grass, dirt, or concrete

new  tinny tots soft play !!!

New !!  girl 2in1 combo 

$150 for up to 6hrs.
girl 2in1 combo bounce 

new 3in1 combo

3in1 basketball slide combo

$ 150 for up to 6hrs.

themes available

" New combo bounce "  

15x32 space needed

Tree house 2in1 combo super fun steep tall slide with soft bumper at end and bounce house

$150 for up to 6hrs     

can add theme....  star wars, iron man, mickey mouse club house, Minnie mouse, unicorn's, avenger's, hello kitty, mine craft, Dora, my little pony, Disney cars, minions

Basic castle with popups inside

$90 for up to 6hrs.

themes available ...Iron Man, Disney Cars,  Avengers,  Star Wars,  Minions, Mickey mouse club house,

Frozen,  Hello Kitty,  Minnie Mouse, Dora , unicorn , my little pony, Mine craft

13x 32long slip n slide

fun for all ages

$175 for 4hrs

$200 for 6 hrs.

  "new basic castle "

13x13 multi color castle

$90 for up to 6hrs.

25L X13w Race through Obstacle

$150 for up to 6 hrs.

13x13 basic pink, purple castle

$90 for up to 6 hrs.                    

Theme's available ...Mickey Mouse club houseMinions, Frozen,

  Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Dora, star wars, my little pony,

unicorn's ,mine craft

Front loader 

13w x32L x18h    water slide fun for all ages

$200 for 4hrs.

$225 for 6hrs.

13w x 60L Super Race Through Double Obstacle

$240 for up to 6 hrs.     "special  price "

This Super Big... Super Fun.... Double Race Through.... Double sided bounce OBSTACLE will have the kids wore out by the end of event keeps kids of all ages entertained for hours at a time big events, or small events its a huge hit with all ages 

      13x13  Basic girl Castle

     $ 90 for up to 6 hrs. 

 15x15 4in1 combo SLIDE  with popups, and crawl through tunnel

$150 for up to 6hrs.

fun for all ages ...suggested for kids 13 and under

Themes available .....

Mickey Mouse,  Iron Man, 

Cars,   Avengers,  Star Wars,  Minions, FrozenHello Kitty,  Minnie Mouse,  Dora , 

Toy Story,  Rocket Power, Lilo and Stitch, Disney Princess, Little Mermaid, unicorn's,

10x30  Double side Obstacle bounce

$150 for up to 6hrs.

25x25 obstacle/combo 

$ 225 for up to 6 hrs.           

Themes available ......

 huge and ton's of fun for all

ages, we can set this up in driveway (if not to steep) or front yard if not enough space in back yard

 15x15 4 in1 combo SLIDE with basket ball and crawl through tunnel

$150 for up to 6hrs.

fun for all ages

suggested for kids 13 and under

  Themes available .....Mickey Mouse,  Iron Man,  Cars,   Avengers,  Star Wars,  Minions, Frozen,  Hello Kitty,  Minnie Mouse,  Dora , Toy Story,  Rocket Power, Lilo and Stitch,  Disney Princess, Little Mermaid, mine craft, my little pony, unicorn's

3in1 combo Toddler bounce house!! 5yrs and under will enjoy this unit ( popup's ,bounce, and slide)
$125 for up to 6hrs.

13x16 girl indoor bounce house

$90 for up to overnight

13x16 boy indoor  bounce house .....$90 for up to overnight popups inside

boy bounce indoors.. .even fun for those nights mom and dad want to go out, and give babysitter, or grandma a fun activity for the kids to do. also fun for sleep over parties, kids can stay up late and jump in the garage area, or sleep in it