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                                             Weddings,   Baby shower,  Company picnic,  Birthday's,   Sport's,  Baby gender reveal, Back yard  BBQ,   Church events,

                                                                                   Pumpkin patch, Or  any event  you  have .. we also have indoor units... ask about them !!!!

FAQ..and answers

Frequently asked questions

Things you might want to know...  and some of our rules for riders safety  

Q: How long does  it take to set up bounce house
A: It takes about  20 min. if the area is clear of any sharp objects, animal droppings/(poo), toys, ext... the bounce house inflates very quickly then we have to nail or sand bag it down then walk around it with you to make sure there is no damage and go over the rules and safety stuff for the riders  if you have other rental stuff it will take a little longer
Q:  can you deliver at the bounce house at the park
A:  yes we can deliver a bounce house at the parks in bear valley  and the lakes in bear valley ....... No we can not deliver bounce house at Tehachapi parks the Tehachapi parks do not allow bounce house rentals at the park
Q:  can we have the water units at the park or lake
A:    No do to liability reasons they are for residential  uses only
Q: if  we only have the bounce house for a few hours is it cheaper
A:  No we have a flat rate from 2hrs. ~ 6hrs.  its the same price
yes these photos are some of the correct ways to use the bounce house and water units ......Recommended to use the middle of lane while going down any wet or dry slide as to keep your arms and legs from getting put in the wrong position and also most safe to ride one at a time but if you do double ride just keep in mind were your arms and legs are so they don't get hurt by other rider if you decide to go head first or backward make sure only to do this on slide with safety bumper at end ..... also we love to see all the cute face paint on the riders face but not all over bounce please make sure it dry's before  they enter thank you !! and we are so happy to see kids and adults enjoying the yummy treats like cotton candy we just ask that you and rider eat it out side of unit we thank you ...younger than 3yrs please remember they are fragile riders and is best if parent is sitting inside to help them like in photo, lil ones due love to play crawl and watch their sibling play ....and always exit feet first ...... even small party with few kids are fun to have a bounce house and the units with basket ball hoop you can use bounce balls from any local store they fit just not a real basketball they are to hard and cause injury have fun and play safe
Q: how early should I call to reserve my bounce and other stuff   for my event
A: The sooner the better when you know what day and around what time you want your event give us a call or text or email to see what we have avalabel  the sooner the better chance we will have what you want but we will also take last minute calls for rentals if we have it we will bring it
Q:  what is your cancel  fee
A:  we don't charge for canceling we just ask for you to please call us as soon as you know you will need to cancel your order so that we may be able to use the equipment to rent to someone else if  you forget to call and cancel  the next rental we will charge a deposit

Q:  can we pick up bounce house unit or other rental items 

A: No we only have delivery options.... we have over 10yrs experience setting up and taking down units and rental equipment we will go over how to use rental  equipment  with you on delivery

Q: is there a delivery fee .....

A: No if rental over $90 order  (some places do require a rental fee )

Q: do you clean your bounce house and water slides

A: yes we do clean and sanitize our units and water units for riders safety and to keep our units in good condition

Q: can I rent bounce house over night

A: No we no longer rent bounce house units over night do to liability issues

Q: can I rent tables and chairs over night

A: yes we will rent tables and chairs over night for venues and residential and "some equipment rentals"

Q: do i have to set up canopy or shade tent

A: No we set up and take down the canopy and shade tents

Q: is the concession stand machine (equipment) hard to use

A: no it's not hard its very fun and we will go over how to use it and answer any questions you may have

Q: does the machine come with supply??......... is it hard to find if I want more ??

A: yes sno-kone , cotton candy, popcorn, come with supply for 20guest  the hot dog machine does not and yes if you want more supply we have it for an additional fee or you can also go to a smart n final we just ask that you buy the proper item for the machine

Q: how many kids can fit in a bounce

A: it depends on the size of the bounce... and the age of the rider .... and we will also be happy to answer more on this before rental

Q: how much space do I need for the bounce house ?....... does it need to be a flat space

A: we need at least 2-3foot around bounce house from an structure's ....... and the flatter spot is better steep inclines make it hard for riders to use the bounce unit .....the water units need flat spaces

Q: where can I have the bounce set  up at  ?........ does it have to be grass...?

A: we can set up in back yard, side yard, front yard, in some cases in the front curb on asphalt, in the driveway  , we set up on grass, concrete ,pea gravel in some cases , dirt, cut down weed , we just need to know ahead of time to bring the right tie downs

Q: are bounce houses safe

A: yes as long as you follow the safety rules and have responsible adult supervision at all time

Q: can I use a water hose to cool the bounce house off or get the slide wet

A: NO Please Never Spray water or water balloons, or water guns, inside bounce house and please make sure sprinklers are off it causes damage to dry bounce house and most important  it can cause serious injury !! it is very slippery when wet the water units are made for climbing and sliding not running or bouncing and they also have a special liner that protects the unit we will charge a fee (if the dry bounce gets wet )

A ~2  you could use a towel or pillow cover to slide down if it gets to warm to the touch in the sun

Rules are For Rider's Safety to help reduce the risk of injuries .. and to keep our units in great condition !!!  we thank you for your understanding  

                                    JUMP AT YOUR OWN RISK  

Please Do Not Pile on one side of net/bounce house, it's not safe it could cause injury and it does damage the bounce,

Also Do Not turn off blower or let kids turn off blower if anyone is inside.

Please No Pets inside the bounce unit or climbing or marking out side unit we thank you for your understanding

Please remove any keys, cell phones, glasses, shoes, any sharp objects, for riders safety and to not damage bounce house no action figures or plastic toys inside they break and cause injury and holes  thank you for your understanding

No silly string  in or around the bounce units  it damages the bounce house leaves permanent black marks and there will be a charge if we find silly string on bounce unit upon pick up

never take the tie downs off it could fly away or flip ,do not get the dry units wet or enter in them wet ,no flips or dangerous moves or rough play,no soap or any other kids of things put on our units, wet or dry No spraying water hose, squirt guns, or water balloons  in or on dry units

Always have a responsible adult watching riders in bounce house unit for safety of riders

we recommend same age, same size children in bounce house at one time to reduce the risk for injury 

No flips , rough play, wrestling, jumping on one another, kicking, climbing on net or on outside of unit can cause injury

No bringing anything into bounce unit but soft ball for basket ball bounce other toys could break and cause harm to rider and bounce unit

No food, gum, candy, drinks, mud, water, markers, paint exc. on or in bounce house

Please stay off nets do not run and bounce off nets jump away from stair and away from sides

If Rain ~make sure to have all riders exit the unit if it starts raining as its not safe it is very slippery and could cause injury also if the winds are more than 25miles an hour you will want to have riders exit and turn off unit until winds die down

Please never move the bounce unit once we set up we need it to be in a safe area for the riders and  bounce house and it always needs to be tied down so it stays were it was set up

Never have open fire close to bounce unit

Please make sure sprinklers are turned off for rental and pick up time also they are not to get wet

if we missed anything we are happy to answer any questions at delivery these rules are for the riders safety to reduce the risk of injuries